How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

As soon as you detect that you might have a bed bug problem in your home, consider getting rid of them as soon as possible before they multiply and make your life uncomfortable. If you prefer to get rid of them naturally, there are ways to do that. Dipping all bedding such as pillowcases, bedsheets, blankets, duvets, mattress covers, bed skirts and so on in very hot water will definitely kill the bedbugs and their eggs.

Ensure that you also dry them in a dryer and don’t put them back on the bed until the entire house is cleaned. Dispose of your pillows and by others, since they are cheap, then look for a plastic mattress cover for your mattress in order to trap any bed bugs that might be hiding inside. With no access to blood, they will, in the end, die, probably after one year.

Also consider vacuuming everything in your home that is fabric covered such as carpets, stuffed animal toys, living room sofas, picture frames and so on. You could also vacuum any cracks, crevices and holes in the walls and then seal them using caulk or repair them using plaster to prevent more bed bugs coming in from outside. If you have wallpaper that is loosened, simply glue it again to discourage kill any bedbugs that might be harbouring behind it. Clean every part of the house including furniture and inside cabinets and drawers.

Get rid of any wild animal roosts or birds’ nest that might be anywhere near the home, these have been known to harbour bedbugs. It is advisable to destroy them completely and discourage any of these animals that might come afterwards. You can also point hot steam at bedbugs and they will surely die. You could either buy a steam generating device or improvise with a steaming kettle. Simply point the steam at places where bedbugs are harbouring such as on corners, mattress seams, crevices, holes and so on. The hot steam will definitely kill them.

The natural ways of killing bedbugs discussed are very effective and should be followed by individuals who don’t favour artificial methods of pest or parasite control. The above ways will work effectively if done at intervals of every ten days. If one wants to see the end of bedbugs, then commitment in carrying out these practices is required. If you are experiencing bed bug call bed bug exterminator Hamilton: 905-581-9987